Company History

David and Rona Neiman founded Danmer Custom Shutters in 1976. Since their modest start as woven window-covering retailers, Danmer has become the largest shutter manufacturer and retailer in California.

In 1979, Danmer Custom Shutters transformed itself from a retail operation into a shutter manufacturing business. After only six years, Danmer outgrew the 5,000 square foot manufacturing facility and moved into a 21,000 square foot manufacturing plant.

Recognizing the need to find a wood substitute for shutters, David Neiman put his concerns for the environment and preservation of natural resources to the test. In 1987, Thermalite™ was developed. It is the only 100% non-toxic, flame retardant, water-resistant synthetic material that looks and feels exactly like wood.

In the 80's, Danmer's reputation for quality and customer service won them the contract to provide shutters for the Broadway department store. The partnership between Danmer and Broadway was so successful that in 1991, Danmer Custom Shutters was awarded the contract for Weinstocks and Emporium.

Both Macy's and Strouds joined forces with Danmer in 1996. Danmer is also the exclusive shutter Contractor for Coldwell Banker's Concierge Service, and is the only shutter manufacturer approved by the California League of Homeowners.