Upgrade Your Window Treatments to Window Blinds

For your next home improvement project, have window blinds installed. Window blinds are a simple, elegant alternative to shutters. Complement a wide range of home décor with a variety of wooden blinds or opt for classic horizontal white blinds. When you install high quality basswood or faux wood window blinds, you are installing a long lasting window treatment. High quality blinds are typically made of basswood or top notch synthetic materials. The strength of the headrail also can extend the longevity of your window blinds.

To find the window blinds that complement your home décor and work for your budget turn to Danmer Custom Shutters. Danmer has a wide selection of basswood and faux wood blinds to choose from. All of Danmer’s products are made from high quality materials and held to high standards to provide each customer with long lasting window treatments.

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