For the Best Looking Windows Have Your Shutters Custom Made

Windows are an important feature in any room. Windows let in natural sunlight and air while also providing views of your front and backyard. While windows add beauty to a room leaving them bare and uncovered is undesirable both for aesthetic and functional reasons. Window coverings provide privacy when you want it, light control, and can even lower your heating and cooling costs. Aesthetically adding a window treatment such as plantation shutters, completely transforms a room from half done to complete. In order to have your windows look their best have your window treatments custom made. When you have a window treatment such as shutters, custom made they become a part of your home. Custom made shutters are more than a simple window treatment as they can cut your heating and cooling costs while also providing you with privacy and light control.

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Thermalite Shutters Provide You with Quality Custom Interior Shutters

If you’re looking for shutters but wood shutters aren’t for you, then Thermalite Shutters are an alternative that guarantees you’ll receive quality custom interior shutters. The great thing about Thermalite Shutters is that they look just like wood shutters but are provide certain qualities that wood shutters don’t.

Custom Interior Shutters Provide Great Benefits

Thermalite Shutters are made from polymer foam, making them water resistant and fire retardant. Another added feature is that they insulate over two times more than wood. This is beneficial for keeping the heat out on those hot summer days or the cold out on winter nights.

There are plenty of perks to having custom interior shutters like Thermalite Shutters. They are guaranteed to not crack, peel, yellow or warp. They also aren’t very difficult to maintain, providing you with many years of quality shutters with a variety of warranties.

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Where Can I Find Custom Shutters that Are Made in the USA?

Rebuild AmericaSome custom shutters manufacturers falsely state that their shutters are made in the USA, when in reality their shutter parts are manufactured in a foreign country and only assembled in the USA. Shutters that are made in America tend to be a safer and more reliable choice, as more and more recalls are happening on foreign products due to problems with lead paint, asbestos and other harmful chemicals.

Danmer Custom Shutters are Manufactured and Designed in the USA

Danmer Custom Shutters manufactures all of its products in California, including their custom shutters, wood blinds, roller shades, and woven shades. Whether you’re looking for hardwood shutters or eco-friendly, synthetic shutters you can trust Danmer for 100% American made products. All of Danmer’s products meet green building standards, are completely non-toxic, and are recyclable.

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Make Shopping for Custom Window Shutters Easier by Choosing a Company that Does it All

To make your search for the right custom window shutters company less stressful, choose a company like Danmer Custom Shutters. Danmer Custom Shutters designs, manufactures, and installs their custom window shutters. With Danmer, you’ll always receive top quality products, professional customer service, as well as quick and reliable delivery and installation.

Danmer has custom window shutters available in a number of wood stains and paint colors. Choose from hardwood or synthetic Thermalite shutters. For an even more unique look for your custom window shutters, Danmer offers printed and engraved Masterpiece Shutters. With printed Masterpiece Shutters, you can have art and photography printed in high resolution directly onto your shutters. Engraved Masterpiece Shutters offer a tone-on-tone visual impression. Choose to engrave stock art designs or a design of your own creation.

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How to Properly Dress a Bay Window: Shutters

The beauty of your home was enhanced with the addition of bay windows. Bay windows are window combinations that project outward from your home. On the inside of a room, a bay window adds beauty by allowing in more sunlight and giving a wider view of the outside of your home. Unfortunately, many home owners are unaware of what type of window treatments look best on bay windows. The best window treatments for bay windows compliment their beauty without detracting from it while also adding functionality. Custom bay window shutters allow you to enjoy additional light and a wider view, while giving you the option of privacy and light control. Bay window shutters can also be used to lower your overall heating and cooling costs, as they help insulate your home.

Where Can I Find Custom Bay Window Shutters?

Shop for custom bay window shutters from Danmer Custom Shutters for quality window treatments, excellent customer service, and reliable delivery times.

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Don’t Stress Over the Installation of Custom Shutters

The process of making an investment in your home such as installing new window treatments shouldn’t be a headache. Having custom shutters made for your home by Danmer Custom Shutters makes the process of choosing and installing new window treatments easy. On top of providing homeowners with only high quality window treatment options, Danmer can provide design help. Rather than sort through a selection of products in a showroom, Danmer will bring options to you. A Danmer design consultant will find the perfect custom shutters to complement your home décor and will work within your budget.

At every step of your custom shutters purchase, Danmer will provide friendly and professional customer service to ensure you have a positive experience. No shutter installation is fully complete until you are completely satisfied. Choose Danmer for top quality window treatments and outstanding customer service.

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The Step by Step Process of Having Shutters Custom Made

Some homeowners put off having shutters custom made or settle for inferior window coverings due to fear that the process will be arduous and time consuming. With Danmer Custom Shutters, the process is simple and easy. A shutter design expert will come directly to your home to guide you through your options to help you select the right type of shutter for your windows and doors. Approximately a week after your initial design consultation, your windows and doors will be properly measured to ensure your shutters fit snugly and seamlessly. Your third appointment with Danmer will be for final installation.

As the factory and the installers, having shutters custom made by Danmer is a painless process. Danmer’s design consultants find shutters that fit both your budget and home décor. Danmer strives to make every customer feel like the only customer, and no job is complete without total customer satisfaction.

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Custom Shutters in San Francisco

San Francisco ShutterBuying locally manufactured products is important to many homeowners in San Francisco. Purchasing locally made products helps support local businesses and the San Francisco economy. It can also be cheaper to purchase products that have been made near you as they require far less travel time from manufacturer to consumer.

Danmer Custom Shutters of San Francisco

Danmer Custom Shutters in San Francisco has been locally manufacturing window treatments for over 35 years. Using the most innovative technology, Danmer produces high quality wooden and synthetic shutters for San Francisco homeowners. Low prices, knowledgeable and friendly customer service, as well as a guarantee for high level workmanship, makes Danmer the right local choice for updating your window treatments.

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Solve Your Unique Window Treatment Problems with a Custom Window Shutter

Was one of the selling points of your new home the unique windows? This very selling point can become a headache once you begin decorating and purchasing window treatments. While average sized and shaped windows are simply to outfit with window treatments, uniquely sized or shaped can be difficult to shop for.

An excellent solution for a uniquely shaped or sized window in your home is a custom window shutter. A custom window shutter can be built specifically for your window and to match your existing window treatments. Having a window shutter custom built means there won’t be any unsightly gaps or overhangs, but you can still have the option for privacy and light control. A custom window shutter is an affordable and easy solution for your unique windows.

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Your Next Home Improvement Project – Custom Shutters

Home improvement projects range from small and simple things like hanging up a frame to more intensive projects like finding new window treatments. New window treatments have a way of completely transforming the look of a room without forcing you to spend an exorbitant amount of money. Window treatments that are functional and stylish, such as custom shutters, are a smart investment to make for your home.

Expertly Designed Custom Shutters

Rather than attempt a DIY update of your window treatments, have shutters custom designed, built, and installed in your home. With Danmer Custom Shutters, all it takes is a phone call to receive a free design consultation. An experienced interior designer will help you wade through the vast selection of paints and stains to find shutters that complement any room.

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