Add Value and Improve the Look of Your House with Home Shutters

Whether you’re looking to add value to your property to sell it quicker, or you want to simply improve and update the look of an older home, you don’t have to spend a fortune. Small changes can be inexpensive while still being impactful. Brighten a room with a fresh coat of paint, rearrange your furniture, swap out artwork, and move rugs from one room to another.

A great investment you can make to both add value and enhance the look of your home is to update your window treatments to home shutters. Home shutters can instantly brighten a room whether you go with crisp white, a natural wood stain, or even a pop of color. Shutters also add value by making your home more environmentally friendly by improving your home’s insulation.

Danmer Custom Shutters works with you to find the right home shutters for your décor and your budget.

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Why Choose Shutters for Home Use

There are quite a few reasons to choose shutters for your home over store bought drapes or vinyl blinds. These reasons include the insulating power of both wooden and synthetic shutters, as well as the ability to match shutters with a number of interior designs. On top of being an elegant and timeless window covering choice, many select shutters for home use as they are very low maintenance. The upkeep for shutters requires occasional dusting while drapes and curtains can absorb odors and stains. Shutters are also quieter than drapes as they do not blow around or become tangled when the window is open.

High Quality Shutters for the Home

High quality shutters for the home are available from Danmer Custom Shutters. Danmer has been designing, building, and installing custom shutters for the home for over 30 years. With the help of one of Danmer’s design consultants, you’ll find the right shutters for your home and budget.

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Which Interior Shutter Styles Will Best Fit Your Home?

Thermalite Living Room ArchIf interior decorating and design is not your forte, you may be unsure of where to start when trying to make design decisions such as paint color, choosing furniture, flooring and window treatments. As the majority of homeowners can’t afford an interior decorator, you will have to make many of these decisions on your own. Home decorating channels, magazines, and blogs can help you find inspiration and you can go with what you like above all else.

Once you have made the majority of the big decisions, you may still be left choosing window treatments. While you know you prefer shutters, finding the interior shutter styles that will complement the rest of your home may feel out of your design reach. Luckily, a free in-home design consultation from Danmer Custom Shutters sets you up with an expert who can help you to find the interior shutter styles you like the most that work the best for your home and budget.

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Support Your Local Community – Buy Orange County Shutters

Buying locally made products is good for both the environment as well as for your local community and economy. To purchase high quality plantation shutters for your home locally, turn to Danmer Custom Shutters. Danmer is the leading manufacturer and installer of Orange County shutters. All Danmer plantation shutters are made designed and manufactured locally.

Orange County Shutters – Environmentally Responsible

For those looking to purchase environmentally friendly Orange County shutters Danmer offers Thermalite shutters. No natural resources are destroyed in the process of making Thermalite shutters and they have 3 times the insulating power of traditional wooden shutters which can help to lower your overall heating and cooling costs. Installing Thermalite shutters into your Orange County home can even earn you up to a $500 federal tax credit.

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House Shutter Styles for Every Room

Each room in your house has its own unique décor and purpose. Why should it be any different with house shutter styles? Rooms such as the kitchen or the bathrooms in your home need shutters that can withstand moisture. In the bedrooms, shutters should provide privacy and allow you to block out outside light for more restful sleep. Finding the right house shutter styles is more than finding what looks the best, it’s also about finding what functions the best in each particular area of the home. Shutters should be easy to open, easy to clean, and allow you access to your windows should you need to open them.

Where to Find a Variety of House Shutter Styles

To find a wide variety of house shutter styles for bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms, living rooms and any room in your home, visit Danmer Custom Shutters.

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Get Design Help When Shopping for Home Shutters

In order to give the rooms of your home a designer look, you may feel that you need to hire a professional designer. A designer will be able to coordinate your furniture, flooring, wall treatments, window coverings and accessories in a short amount of time. If you have already taken care of the majority of the design for the rooms in your home, you may only need the help of a designer for one element, such as the window treatments.

You can save money when choosing designer window treatments, like home shutters, by choosing a company like Danmer Custom Shutters. Danmer offers a free in-home design consultation to help you find the right home shutters or other window treatment to tie a design together.

Danmer’s home shutters are all made specifically to fit your décor, windows, and doors, no matter their unique shape or size.

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Where to Shop for Orange County Shutters

When you are shopping for quality hardwood or synthetic shutters in Orange County, support a local business. Danmer Custom Shutters has been manufacturing and installing custom shutters in Orange County homes for the past thirty years. Choosing Danmer for your Orange County shutters manufacturer and installer guarantees that you are buying a quality American made product.

All of Danmer’s shutters come with guarantees that are even transferable to the next homeowner if you happen to move. A free in-home design consultation with a Danmer representative can help you design shutters to perfectly match each room in your home.

All of the Orange County shutters from Danmer are designed, manufactured, and installed by Danmer employees, never contractors, committed to leaving you completely satisfied with your shutter purchase and installation.

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Finding Home Shutters in Los Angeles

When you are looking where to find shutters in Los Angeles, your first and only stop should be Danmer Custom Shutters. Why buy from Danmer Custom Shutters? All of Danmer’s shutters are made here in the Los Angeles area, allowing you to support the local economy while investing in your home. This proximity to the Los Angeles area also allows Danmer to install custom shutters in your Los Angeles home in as little as three days. Danmer does not hire contractors to measure or install your custom shutters or other window treatments. All installations are done by a professional Danmer employee who job isn’t finished until everything is done right.

Don’t spend hours looking online for shutters in Los Angeles and don’t risk buying shutters that don’t fit from a home improvement store. Trust Danmer Custom Shutters for hardwood and synthetic custom shutters.

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House Shutter Styles for Your Windows and Doors

Finding shutters for your house that fit your windows and doors isn’t as easy as picking up pre-made shutters from a local home improvement store. Most pre-made shutters are not built in shapes other than rectangle or square. But what if your home is in the shape of an octagon or has an arched top? Custom windows you may have admired before can seem like a hassle to buy window coverings for.

Having shutters custom made allows for even oddly shaped windows to be covered allowing for privacy and light control. House shutter styles include wooden shutters and synthetic shutters that are water resistant and flame retardant. Schedule an in-home design consultation from Danmer Custom Shutters to find the house shutter style that works best with your décor.

Visit Danmer Custom Shutters online to view an interactive photo gallery of bedroom, living room, kitchen, and bathroom shutters.

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Shutters for Home Should Be Custom Made

Why should the shutters for your home be custom made? When shutters are 100% custom made, you don’t risk spending money on shutters that overlap outside of the window frame or leave gaps around the window frame. Custom made plantation shutters for homes can be color matched to blend with existing décor.

Maybe you’re interested in having hardwood shutters throughout your home, but know that water proof and fire resistant synthetic shutters are better for bathrooms and kitchens, with custom shutters you can match synthetic shutters with wood shutters.

Danmer Custom Shutters makes shutters for home and businesses here in California. With a variety of options for frames, colors, and finishes as well as color matching, you’ll undoubtedly be able to find the right shutters for your home. Schedule a free in home design consultation with Danmer to find the perfect shutters for your home décor.

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