Introducing the Shutter Shopper App!

Custom Shutters

Custom Shutter App for android or apple.

The Shutter Shopper app is a revolutionary app brought to you by Danmer Custom Shutters for your Apple or Android device! The Shutter Shopper app lets you visualize how custom shutters will look in your home!

Using the Shutter Shopper app is simple! In just 3 short steps, you will see just how beautiful your home can be with custom shutters!

  1. Snap a photo of your windows.
  2. Outline the Window using the app.
  3. Select your shutters from a variety of colors, louver size and tilt rod options!

Once completed you will be able to see the beautify and elegance that custom shutters can bring to your home! Then you can save and share your design with family and friends!

The app is available now in the Apple App Store and in Google Play! Download it today or call one of our design specialist and they will bring the showroom to you!

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How UltraLuxe Differs from Other Types of Shutters

ultraluxeIf you’re looking to add new shutters to your home, you should highly consider UltraLuxe Shutters from Danmer Custom Shutters. UltraLuxe Shutters are the best you can buy with industry leading technology and design.

High-Quality Materials and Design

The most noticeable difference between UltraLuxe custom shutters and other brands is the materials and design. These sturdy shutters are built from Premier Hardwood™ frames and stiles that are designed to last and fit your large and uniquely shaped openings without sagging or bowing over time. The louvers are none other than Danmer’s Thermalite™ louvers which are made from a non-toxic, synthetic material that is guaranteed to never peel, crack or warp. The louvers operate on the patented Duraglide Louver Tension system that ensures the louvers will never need to be adjusted or tightened. Thermalite louvers are also fashioned from a solid polymer, making them sturdier than the competition and more energy efficient. They insulate up to 3 times better than wood shutters which will save you money on energy bills.

Comprehensive Warranty

Because UltraLuxe custom shutters are made from the highest quality materials, Danmer feels confident enough to stand behind them with one of the most comprehensive warranties in the industry. Owners enjoy a 10-year warranty on the painted finish, 25-year warranty on workmanship and labor, and a lifetime guarantee on all moving parts which includes the Duraglide louver tension system. The warranty is even transferrable to the next homeowner, thus increasing the value of your home.

Made in America

Another great reason to purchase UltraLuxe custom shutters is because they are made in America. Other shutters may be imported from foreign countries. Even companies that claim their products are “made in the U.S.A.”, may just be assembled in the U.S. but the parts are all made abroad. When you purchase custom shutters from Danmer, all parts are manufactured and assembled locally in California. Not only will you enjoy a high-quality product, you also get the satisfaction of knowing that your investment supports American jobs and your hard-earned dollars are staying here.

When you know all of the facts about the UltraLuxe custom shutters, the difference is clear. While some brands may look similar at first glance or have a cheaper price tag, they are likely to require repairs or need to be replaced completely. Invest in your home by investing in UltraLuxe shutters.

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3 Things You May Not Know About UltraLuxe Custom Shutters

ultraluxeHave you heard of Danmer’s UltraLuxe Custom Shutters? You may know that they are high quality, custom-made shutters manufactured in America, as all of Danmer’s products are, but do you know that makes them different? You may not be able to tell the difference just by looking at them, but the interworkings of these custom shutters truly make them some of the best shutters you can buy. Find out what makes them worthy of Danmer’s comprehensive warranty. Here are few things you may not know about the UltraLuxe custom shutters.

1. Combination of Premier Hardwood™ and Patented Thermalite™

The UltraLuxe custom shutters represent the perfect union of Danmer’s patented Thermalite louvers and Premier Hardwood frames and stiles. The hardwood frames and stiles provide sturdy, long-lasting support for the UltraLuxe shutters. Also, there are hundreds of frame options to choose from to fit any-sized or shaped window. The Thermalite louvers provide up to 3 times more insulation than wood which will help reduce heating and cooling costs. They’re also very durable and are guaranteed never to crack, peel or warp.

2. Patented Duraglide Louver Tension System

Danmer shutters come with the patented Duraglide Louver Tension System that ensures the louvers will never need to be adjusted or tightened. Once the shutters are installed, owners enjoy a lifetime warranty on all moving parts, including the louver tension system.

3. Non-Toxic, Water-Based Paint for Longer Lasting Finish

Danmer also uses top-of-the-line, non-toxic, water-based paint that is guaranteed not to chip, peel, yellow or crack. In fact the painted finish on the UltraLuxe shutters is backed by a10-year warranty so you know they’ll look like new for a very long time. The industry-leading warranty is even transferrable to the new owners if you ever sell your home.

From the high-tech design to the durable finish, UltraLuxe custom shutters are the top choice for homeowners across the country. Increase the value of your home and improve the look of your windows by investing in custom shutters today.

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Introducing UltraLuxe Custom Shutters

ultraluxeIf you’re in the market for interior shutters for your home’s windows, then you need to consider Danmer’s latest addition to their line of custom shutters: UltraLuxe custom shutters. Combining genuine Thermalite™ with Premier Hardwood™ (the highest grade hardwood available), UltraLuxe shutters is exclusively designed and built by Danmer and made locally in California. Learn more about this amazing product at

UltraLuxe – Continuing the Danmer Difference

Danmer manufactures the finest custom shutters in the world. All of our shutters are covered by the most comprehensive warranty in the industry, a warranty that’s actually transferable to the next homeowner when you sell your home.

For over 35 years, Danmer’s custom shutters have been hand-crafted to exact specifications to fit any size, any shape, and any opening. This includes specialty shape shutters and shutters to fit your French doors, sliding doors, sliders of any kind, and even bi-fold doors.

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