How Shutters Can Help Rebuild America

Rebuild AmericaThe state of the American economy is on the minds of many Americans and nearly all politicians, as they search for a way to sort it out. Many American citizens are unsure about what they can do to help the economy of their country. One way to help rebuild the American economy is to keep your money in America by purchasing items that have been manufactured stateside.

The Rebuild America program from Danmer Custom Shutters will give you a US Savings Bond of up to $250 with qualifying shutter purchases. When you invest in custom shutters for your home from Danmer, you’re helping to rebuild America by buying shutters that have been made and assembled here in the US.

Purchase a minimum $1000 of Danmer’s Thermalite, Ultralite, Premium Hardwood Shutters, or PHD Intelligent Wood Shutters for the rooms in your home to qualify for a U.S. Savings Bond from Danmer Custom Shutters.

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