What are Plantation Shutters?

Also sometimes referred to as jalousies or louvers, a plantation shutter is typically made from wood and mounted into a solid frame. Unlike the type of shutters usually used in cooler climates, these are interior blinds made from broad slats of wood.  A plantation shutter can be made to fit any size or shape or window, and the right custom installer should also be able to provide choices in different types, shades and colors of wood.  While these shutters can be opened to allow a sufficient amount of ventilation, they still provide shade and a measure of privacy at the control of the homeowner.

The design of the plantation shutter has been around since before the Middle Ages, but new innovations makes this type of window shade much easier to use. In days past the plantation shutter was typically used without glass, and still these shutters were able to keep those who used them cool and shaded even during the summer months. In present times, this shutter can help reduce costs for air condition, and heating. In the winter the wooden shutters help prevent a cold glass window from chilling a room.

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