Add Warmth to Your Home with Wood Shutters

Ina time when minimalist and contemporary styling seems to be a popular trend, many homes are beginning to feel a bit repetitive. Walking into a space that is actually inviting and calming is a breath of fresh air. This is the effect that wood shutters have on a space. They can be compared to having a swing on the porch and a lantern pole light in the front yard; they just make a house feel like a home.

Benefits of Wood Shutters

Our wood shutters here at Danmer are built to last. We use a Duraglide Louver Tension System that never needs adjusting or tightening and our experts can custom match them to an array of colors. The diamond undercoat on them seals moisture out, and they are hand-sanded to a smooth finish.

Our wood shutters are as durable as they are exquisite and come with a 10-year warranty on the painted finish, workmanship and labor as well as a lifetime warranty against bleeding and moving parts. The stain finish is guarantee for 2 years as well!

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