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Custom Shutters

Custom Shutters

The Best Shutter: Custom Made

August 5, 2011

The Best Shutter: Custom Made
What is the best type of shutter?  Custom made shutters offer you the best fit and the best energy savings.  This is because they are made to lie inside the window, preventing drafts.  This also means that they do not stick out into the room, taking up valuable space in your home.  They are can help insulate your windows during any season, lowering your energy bills and helping the environment.

A New Shutter: Custom timeframe
When you order new shutters from Danmer, you start by calling one of their agents at 888-DANMER-8 (888-326-6378).  They will set up an appointment with a design specialist who will help you choose the shutters that best fit your décor and budget.  They will measure everything and they will be handcrafted and installed in as little as 3 days.  You will immediately enjoy the benefits of your new shutter.  Custom fit and ready to operate faster that you could believe.

Plantation Shutters

New Plantation Shutters, Custom fit for your home

August 3, 2011

New Plantation Shutters, Custom fit for your home
There is nothing more beautiful than having plantation shutters custom fit for your home.  Because these types of shutters fit inside of the window or doorframe, you should always consider a custom fit so that you know they are actually going to work in your window opening.  Other shutters fit over the outside of the frame, but plantation shutters are made to save you room on your walls by fitting inside of the frame and not extending into the room.

Finding Plantation Shutters Custom Designed for you
If you are looking at improving your home, you may want to look into plantation shuttersCustom designed for your home, these shutters can provide you with energy savings and beauty for as long as your home lasts.  The ones from Danmer even come with a transferable warranty.  This can increase the value of your home because the blinds will still be protected, even if the home has a new owner.

Custom Shutters, Window Shutters

Steps to Owning Custom Window Shutters

August 1, 2011

Steps to Owning Custom Window Shutters
When you order shutters for you home, you want them to have the best fit and to match your décor.  At Danmer, you can have a design consultation where they will help you choose the best custom window shutters and will measure your openings so that your new shutters are an exact fit the first time they are installed.

Thermalite Customer Window Shutters by Danmer
Danmer Custom Shutters is a company with over 30 years of experience in the window treatment business.  They are offering custom window shutters constructed from an environmentally friendly material called Thermalite.  This material can help cut heat loss and gain through the windows, reducing your energy bill every month.  It is made from a non-toxic material so it is safe around pets and children.  This material is flame retardant, for protection, and water resistant, making it better for your entire home.

Custom Shutters, Shutters

Who should install my Custom Interior Shutters?

July 28, 2011

Who should install my Custom Interior Shutters?
When you purchase your customer interior shutters, it is important to know who is installing your new shutters.  Many companies use sub-contractors for their installation, but the problem with this is that they are only part time employees who have no stake in the reputation of the company.  Danmer uses only full time employees for their installation, so you know that they are versed in the products and have been trained by the manufacturer to perform a quality installation.

Do the lowest price custom interior shutters mean the best value?
Most people want to make sure that they are receiving the best value for their money.  Some see the lowest price as the best value, but this is not the case, especially when looking at custom interior shutters.  The quality of the product and the transferability of the warranty are important considerations.  These two facets of your shutters can actually influence the resale value of your home.


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