Why Cutouts are Important on Custom Window Shutters

One of the reasons custom window shutters always look superior to prefabricated styles purchased in stores is because they can have cutouts made. This term may not mean much to you now, but when the shutters fit as they should, without bulging around door handles or window cranks, you will appreciate the feature.

Custom Window Shutters Provide a Better Fit

When you buy blinds that are already packaged in generic sizes, they never look as polished as custom window shutters do. Most people measure the width and length of a window and forget to factor in handles. This is why you should always have your windows professionally measured. Sometimes you might even need a deeper frame or extensions to allow the louvers to angle as they should. When a professional makes the measurements, all of these points are factored into the creation of the shutters to ensure that they fit perfectly. This will also ensure that they can be operated flawlessly.

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Decisions to Make for a Custom Window Shutter

If you are considering having custom window shutter made, you already know that you need to decide on a basic style, material and color. However, there are a lot of other small details that you will want to explore as well. You may assume that your blinds will come out a certain way, but they end up being quite different. Asking the right questions will help make sure that they fit your vision.

Do Not Have a Custom Window Shutter Made Without Answers to These Questions

  • What type of material is being used?
  • How do they open and close?
  • How much light control do they provide?
  • Are the edges straight or rabbited?
  • What is the thickness of the side rails?
  • How is the tension of the blinds adjusted?
  • Are they water-resistant, fire-retardant and/or nontoxic?
  • How long is the warranty on them?
  • Is the warranty transferrable to a new homeowner, if I sell in the future?
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Make Shopping for Custom Window Shutters Easier by Choosing a Company that Does it All

To make your search for the right custom window shutters company less stressful, choose a company like Danmer Custom Shutters. Danmer Custom Shutters designs, manufactures, and installs their custom window shutters. With Danmer, you’ll always receive top quality products, professional customer service, as well as quick and reliable delivery and installation.

Danmer has custom window shutters available in a number of wood stains and paint colors. Choose from hardwood or synthetic Thermalite shutters. For an even more unique look for your custom window shutters, Danmer offers printed and engraved Masterpiece Shutters. With printed Masterpiece Shutters, you can have art and photography printed in high resolution directly onto your shutters. Engraved Masterpiece Shutters offer a tone-on-tone visual impression. Choose to engrave stock art designs or a design of your own creation.

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Can’t Afford a Complete Room Redesign? Install Custom Window Shutters

Shutters Thermalite Dining RoomWhile you may want to update the look of your home, you may not be able to afford a complete redesign at the time. A practical solution is to opt to update an important feature of the room such as the wall color, the flooring, or the window treatments. Replace unfashionable curtains or falling apart blinds with custom window shutters to completely transform the look of your home. Installing new window treatments like custom window shutters easily changes the look of a room. You can design custom shutters to match the existing décor in your home or opt for neutral shutters that will complement a variety of room redesigns.

Choosing custom window shutters over premade ones is a way to invest in your home. High quality window shutters improve the look of your home and will last for years to come.

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Decorate with Custom Window Shutters

One of the first steps in the home improvement process is deciding on a decorating scheme, this can be as simple as choosing the main colors you want to use in a room or more complicated when drawing from a particular theme. Choosing colors and accent colors can help you choose items like furniture fabric and art work to hang in a room. To complete a freshly redecorated room, you can opt to have custom window shutters made. Custom window shutters come in a number of wood stains as well as crisp white and other colors to fit into your design scheme.

Choose to install quality custom window shutters for a fitted, professional look for all your windows, to add to the curb appeal of your home, as well as the value. Schedule a free in home design consultation from Danmer Custom Shutters today.

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How to Lower your Utility Bills with Window Shutters

How to Lower your Utility Bills with Window Shutters
Window shutters can help you lower your utility bills because they help insulate your windows.  Most of the heat from any home is lost out of the windows because they are the least insulated place in any wall.  Shutters can help you reduce the amount of heat you lose out of these openings, lowering your heating bills.  They can also insulate from the heat of summer, lowering your cooling bills as well.

Custom Window Shutters available Online
Custom window shutters are now available online from Danmer Customer Window Coverings.  Danmer offers you the benefit of having a designer come to your home to help you choose the perfect shutter for your interior décor.  They also have custom installation, so that you know your new shutters are installed correctly the first time without you ever having to lift a finger.  With mass produced shutters, you never know about the quality of your purchase, but with Danmer, you know you are getting the best products the first time.

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Steps to Owning Custom Window Shutters

Steps to Owning Custom Window Shutters
When you order shutters for you home, you want them to have the best fit and to match your décor.  At Danmer, you can have a design consultation where they will help you choose the best custom window shutters and will measure your openings so that your new shutters are an exact fit the first time they are installed.

Thermalite Customer Window Shutters by Danmer
Danmer Custom Shutters is a company with over 30 years of experience in the window treatment business.  They are offering custom window shutters constructed from an environmentally friendly material called Thermalite.  This material can help cut heat loss and gain through the windows, reducing your energy bill every month.  It is made from a non-toxic material so it is safe around pets and children.  This material is flame retardant, for protection, and water resistant, making it better for your entire home.

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