What to Look for In Environmentally Responsible Interior Shutters

It seems as though everywhere you look today, every product seems to be labeled as natural or environmentally friendly. Sadly, though, this label has not been earned. That being said, if you care about the environment and have the goal of reducing your carbon footprint, you will be happy to learn that there really are environmentally responsible interior shutters available. You simply need to know where to look, and what to look for.

Qualities of Environmental Responsible Interior Shutters

When you start shopping for interior shutters, it is important that you know what qualities make them environmentally responsible. This way, you won’t be fooled by false labels or taken advantage of, when it comes to prices. A few qualities include:


  • 100 percent engineered hardwood
  • Non-toxic formaldehyde-free glue
  • Water-based, nontoxic and low-VOC paint
  • Finishes that exceed standards set by the Ozone Transport Commission and AQMD
  • Products are recyclable
  • Wood used is environmentally certified

Fair enough; you may be reading through this list and thinking that this is a pretty tall order to ask  for, from a shutter manufacturer, but this is what we offer here at Danmer!

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Add Privacy to Your Home with Interior Shutters

Window treatments serve a number of purposes aside from adding visual appeal to a room. Window treatments such as interior shutters are popular as they provide a number of additional functions other than being aesthetically pleasing. Shutters, when closed, can help insulate your home which reduces your heating and cooling costs. Shutters can be partially opened to allow fresh air to flow through your home. For bedrooms, shutters can be completely closed to provide privacy and darkness, which can facilitate better sleeping habits. Keeping your shutters closed during the brightest part of the day can also help keep your furniture, artwork, and rugs from fading.

Interior shutters can be custom built to fit every window in your home, no matter the shape or size. Shutters can also be made to fit sliding doors, French doors, and bi-fold doors to create continuity in your home.

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Why are Interior Shutters an Ideal Choice for Your Home?

Window coverings originated more for functional purposes rather than decoration, while today a room doesn’t seem complete without them. Window coverings can help insulate your home to lower your heating and cooling costs, add privacy to your home, and allows you to control the amount of sunlight that comes into your home. Interior shutters are an ideal window covering optiShutters with Stained Glasson as they are functional on top of acting as a design piece in your room.

Customize Interior Shutters to Fit Your Home

Interior shutters can be made from both wood and synthetic materials. Shutters are available in a number of wood stains and paint colors and can even be custom designed to match the look of your home. Custom interior shutters are precisely measured and manufactured to fit the windows in your home, no matter the shape or size.

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Whether You’re Shopping for Interior Shutters or Not, Danmer Can Help

Designing and decorating may not be your forte, but you still know your taste and want your home to have a finished look to it. While hiring an interior decorator may not be a feasible plan, you can have access to a professional to help you select the right window treatments. When you choose Danmer Custom Shutters, you can receive a free in home design consultation. One of Danmer’s design experts will come to your home and help find the right window coverings for your home and budget.

Danmer has more than just top quality interior shutters. Explore the many choices Danmer has to offer for roller shades, blinds, cellular shades, wood shades and more. On top of being able to provide free design help and a wide array of high quality products, Danmer strives to make every customer feel like the only customer and isn’t satisfied with a project until you are.

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Invest in Interior Shutters Now to Save Money Down the Road

Thermalite Bay WindowWhen choosing the furnishings for your home, there are two options for you to choose from. Option one is buying cheap furniture, decorations, and window treatments that will need to be replaced in a short amount of time. The second option is choosing to invest in high quality furnishings that with proper care will last for a number of years.

Interior shutters are a great option when looking for a window treatment with longevity. To ensure you are buying interior shutters that will last, check the quality of the wood or faux wood materials being used. High quality hardwood and synthetic materials as well as quality construction extend the longevity of shutters. The benefit of installing interior shutters is that they complement a wide range of design schemes and are available in many colors and wood stains. Choose a neutral shutter if you plan on redecorating every few years or find a shutter that perfectly matches your existing décor.

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Interior Shutters for Doors

When you are shopping for interior shutters for any type of doors, it’s best to have them custom made. You can have interior shutters custom made for French doors, sliding doors, bi-fold doors and more. Putting interior shutters on your doors will give a room with window shutters a cohesive look as well as allow you light and privacy control. Installing interior shutters on doors in your home will also allow you to take more advantage of the insulating quality of shutters.

Where Can I Find Custom Interior Shutters for Doors?

For the best selection of hardwood and synthetic interior shutters for windows and doors, trust Danmer Custom Shutters. Danmer has over thirty years of experience designing, manufacturing, and installing custom interior shutters. Installing interior shutters is an investment in your home as Danmer Custom Shutters warranty is transferable to the next homeowner.

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Lower Utility Bills with Interior Shutters

Interior Shutters help your Plants

People who have plants in their homes know how important it is for them to receive the correct amount of sunlight.  It can be hard to regulate light for plants that grow best in shade but are in a room with large open windows.  The solution would be to use interior shutters to block the sunlight during the day when everyone is away from the home, preventing your plants from getting too much direct light.

Interior shutters can help lower your utility bills.  They can provide extra insulation for your windows and prevent direct sunlight from overheating your home during the summer.  Danmer Custom Shutters has a complete selection of shutters for your home.  To find out more and to schedule your free in-home consultation with one of their experienced interior designers, visit them on the internet at http://www.danmer.com/shutters/plantationshutters.asp or call their customer service center at 800-684-3434.

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Who should install my Custom Interior Shutters?

Who should install my Custom Interior Shutters?
When you purchase your customer interior shutters, it is important to know who is installing your new shutters.  Many companies use sub-contractors for their installation, but the problem with this is that they are only part time employees who have no stake in the reputation of the company.  Danmer uses only full time employees for their installation, so you know that they are versed in the products and have been trained by the manufacturer to perform a quality installation.

Do the lowest price custom interior shutters mean the best value?
Most people want to make sure that they are receiving the best value for their money.  Some see the lowest price as the best value, but this is not the case, especially when looking at custom interior shutters.  The quality of the product and the transferability of the warranty are important considerations.  These two facets of your shutters can actually influence the resale value of your home.

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