Is There Such a Thing as Environmentally Responsible Interior Shutters?

Have you considered adding interior shutters to your home, but the thought of increasing your carbon footprint or contributing to deforestation has deterred you away? Well, you may want to consider that when you have shutters, you are able to block drafts in the winter and keep the hot sun out in the summer. Both of these scenarios contribute to decreased energy use. That being said, the deforestation problem is still lingering there.

Interior Shutters You can Feel Good About Buying

Here at Danmer, we have interior shutters that are not only gorgeous, they are environmentally responsible. Our Thermalite shutters may look and feel exactly like wood, but they are not. They are flame-retardant, nontoxic and water-resistant. This is not your only option though.

By choosing shutters that are sustainably harvested from certified wood and making sure that formaldehyde-free glue is used, this also helps. We also make sure that stain and paint finishes are environmentally safe and that all of our products are recyclable. If you care about the environment as much as we do, you will thoroughly appreciate the selection that we have available here.

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