Measuring for a Window Blind

If you are hanging curtains, drapes or sheers, accuracy in measurement is not so critical. You can always hang the rod higher or lower or hem the bottom, if they are a little off. Measuring for a window blind is just a little bit different. If they don’t fit properly, it can be compared to a person who wears size 8 shoes trying to squeeze into a size 6 or walk in a size 10. Either way, it is just not going to work. Some people have no problem taking measurements, especially if the blinds are for a simple window. But not all windows are easy to fit.

Leave Measuring for a Window Blind to the Professionals

If there is even a doubt in your mind that the measurements you are taking for a window blind might be off, don’t do it. A perfect fit is crucial because it affects the aesthetics of your room and the blinds won’t function or do their job properly otherwise. This is why it is so confusing why so many people buy prefabricated blinds from the store. Surely they are not fitting like they were made for the window, because they weren’t.

Here at Danmer, we offer a free consultation because we want you to not only pick the best blinds for your space, we want them to fit like a glove so you can enjoy them to their fullest potential.




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