Shopping in Orange County? Shutters from Danmer are Recommended

If you live in or around Orange County, shutters can be purchased from a variety of places. Unfortunately, many consumers find out the hard way that all manufacturers do not offer the same quality, fit or warranty. Shutters are an investment that you should be able to enjoy for a long time. They are charming, offer curb appeal and even increase your home’s value. It only makes sense to purchase quality shutters from an established company with a solid reputation.

Danmer is Recommended for Orange County Shutters

If you ask around, people will likely tell you to shop at Danmer for Orange County shutters. This is because we make quality products and our customer service is unparalleled. We even offer a free consultation with one of our design experts to ensure you are getting a product that will complement your space. Plus, this allows us to measure to guarantee a perfect fit.

We are also known for our fantastic selection. Whether you are looking for masterpiece, Thermalite or wood shutters, or if you are interested in something from Hunter Douglas, we are sure to have something that will appeal to your personal taste!

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The Many Components of Shutters

If you are in the market for shutters and have found yourself comparing a few different styles, you may also be a little confused. How are you supposed to compare apples to apples if you are not really sure what some of the parts are?

Could two different shutters have the same parts under different names? If you are feeling a little overwhelmed with the shopping process, this glossary should help.

Parts of Shutters


  • Panel – The panel is the main component of shutter installation. It is traditionally a rectangular section with a hinge that allows it to open, and it contains all of the louvers.


  • Frame – Shutters are generally ordered with a frame. The panels are mounted right inside this, and it is mounted to the window.


  • Stile – The louvers of the shutters rotate between the stiles.


  • Louvers – These are the horizontal slats that tilt to open and close, either allowing the light in, or providing complete privacy.


  • Rails – Many stiles will have rails that serve the purpose of providing structure and stability.
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Enhance the Shutters in Your Dining Room with Crown Molding

If you are adding shutters to your dining room, you may want to consider finishing off the look with crown molding. Quite often, it is the smallest detail in a room that makes the biggest impact. If you don’t believe this, try spilling a glass of merlot on a white carpet, and see if guests notice.

The window treatments will certainly get noticed and will definitely be appreciated, as your guests don’t have to deal with light shining in their eyes, but it is the small unexpected detail of the crown molding that will demand a second look.

Do I Really Need Crown Molding with My Shutters?

Fair enough, maybe you are ordering your shutters and are already overextending your budget; it certainly does not hurt to look at crown molding during your consultation with one of our designers. At least you will have an idea as to what it looks like, should you decide to add it at a later date.

The Thermalite crown molding that we have here at Danmer is available in an array of styles and sizes, so there is something to complement any space. If you are looking around and don’t feel as though your room offers a polished look, crown molding might be all that you need, to add a rich depth to the room.

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Which Window Shutter Design Will Look Best in Your Café?

The day has finally arrived, and you are about to finally open your café. All that’s left is to stock the inventory and add the finishing touches on the décor. Of course, the biggest obstacle is probably figuring out what to do with that big gorgeous window in the front of the building. Sure, the natural light is amazing, but there are going to be a few hours every day when the sun is going to blast through and make your customers pretty uncomfortable. With a window of this size, you may be tempted to just throw some curtains up, but they won’t block all the light of help control the temperature the way that window treatments will. The problem though is actually figuring out which window shutter design will look best.

Choosing the Right Window Shutter Design

You could look through samples and pick a window shutter design on your own, but you may end up choosing one based on what you personally like, and not the one that will look best in your space. Plus, you are going to need to have a window of that size measured professionally anyway, so you may as well let one of our design specialists here at Danmer come out and help you with your decision while they measure.

This way, they can advise you as to which styles will provide the most light control and show you samples. You may even want to have masterpiece shutters made with a café scene or a medley of drinks transposed on them. This picture becomes visible when the shutters are closed to double as a piece of art.

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Why Shop at Danmer for Shutters in Los Angeles?

You may have already discovered that if you are shopping for shutters, Los Angeles offers a large variety of stores to choose from. However, they don’t all offer the same quality and provide the same level of customer service that we do here at Danmer. We offer a different kind of buying experience; one you will want to tell your friends about.

What to Expect When You Buy Shutters in Los Angeles at Danmer

Many places selling shutters in Los Angeles basically carry the prefabricated kind. Even if they do offer a home consultation, there is often a charge, and there is no guarantee that you aren’t getting a prefabricated variety that was just taken out of the package.

When you shop with Danmer, we bring our showroom right to your home so you can get a better feel for what would look great in your space. Our consultations are absolutely free; because we want you to have blinds that fit perfectly. Since we are the factory and we handle the install, we can often have your shutters installed in as little as three days.

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How Installing Shutters Will Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

Investing in green appliances and energy efficient window treatments such as shutters can save your family money in the long run while also helping the environment. Shutters help lower your home’s heating and cooling bills by insulating your home. Window treatments can also protect your furniture, rugs, and artwork from sun exposure. The most important windows to cover to make your home more energy efficient are west-facing windows. Energy efficient shutters can be made from wood or manmade synthetic materials. Some synthetic shutters are even more “green”, as they are made from recycled materials.

Have Shutters Professionally Installed

Rather than taking a risk and purchasing premade shutters that may not fit your windows, have a professional measure and manufacture shutters to fit your windows seamlessly. When you have your new window treatments installed by a professional, they will last for years to come.

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Shutters Are a Long Term Window Treatment

Some homeowners make the mistake of purchasing cheap window treatments when they first move in to a house to save money. In the long run, it’s a much better choice to buy long lasting, high quality window treatments. Both wooden and synthetic shutters are great long term choices for the windows and doors in your home. Shutters can be custom made to fit the windows and doors in your home, whether you have large windows, bay windows, French doors, or sliding glass doors. Shutters can be custom stained or painted to complement the décor of your home.

Danmer Custom Shutters designs, manufactures, and installs custom wood and synthetic shutters in California. Danmer’s wood shutters are always made with furniture grade basswood while their Thermalite Shutters are made from a solid, non-toxic synthetic material. Danmer believes in quality construction and responsible manufacturing to guarantee your shutters have a long life.

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How Do Shutters Protect Your Home?

There are multiple reasons to choose shutters for the windows in your home. The first couple reasons to install shutters are aesthetic, as shutters are pleasing to look at and work well with a wide range of decorating styles. Shutters are also an ideal window treatment as they can protect your furniture, carpet, and artwork from fading. This will keep the interior of your home looking its best for longer.

Other Benefits of Installing Shutters in Your Home

Shutters are the number one choice for many homeowners as they also help to lower heating and cooling costs. As shutters are great insulators, they help keep a room cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. Both wood and synthetic shutters can insulate your home, but synthetic shutters like Thermalite Shutters insulate up to three times greater than wood.

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Shutters for Doors

Thermalite Shutter French Door

Thermalite Shutters on Frech Door

For a cohesive look throughout your home, outfit your doors with shutters that match your window shutters. Shutters can be must custom built and fitted for your French doors, sliding doors, and even bi-fold doors. Installing shutters on your doors allows you to control the amount of sunlight that enters a room as well as creating privacy for you and your family. Whether you are looking to install new window treatments for all your windows and doors, or you are simply looking to find complementary shutters for your doors, turn to Danmer Custom Shutters.

Where to Purchase Shutters for the Doors in Your Home

Danmer Custom Shutters has been designing, manufacturing, and installing shutters in homes across California for over 30 years. Danmer can provide a custom shutter solution for your home with high quality wooden or synthetic shutters.

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Install Shutters in the Bedrooms of Your Home

Once you have decided to have shutters installed in the bedrooms of your home, it’s time to choose whether you are going to install pre-made shutters or have custom shutters installed by a professional. When you choose to have shutters custom made and professionally installed, you’ll spare yourself the headache of having shutters that are too big or small as well as lessen the risk of doing any damage to your windows.

Choose Danmer Custom Shutters to design, manufacture, and install custom shutters in the bedrooms of your homes. Danmer offers a variety of custom shutter options including hardwood and synthetic shutters. By being both the manufacturer and installer of custom shutters and other window treatments, Danmer Custom Shutters offers a quick turnaround time. From design to installation can take place in as little as three days on rush orders.

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