Wood Shutters

While there have been incredible advances in synthetic shutters, such as our beautiful Thermalite line, wood shutters still offer a special aesthetic appeal to any room.  At Danmer, we are proud of our selection of wooden interior shutters.  After all, they feature beautiful tight grained woods, a durable resin finish, and a patented tension system that is guaranteed to never need tightening or adjusting.   If you’re looking for window treatments that will offer years of beautiful service, our wood shutters are a natural choice.

Our wood shutters are available in a variety of finishes, so you’re sure to find the perfect choice for your home.  With a durable undercoat and guaranteed no-bleed resin, our shutters will enhance your home for years to come.  Check out our site and have a look at the many option available – the only hard part will be choosing just one!

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Go beyond traditional wood shutters

If you’re looking for a unique window treatment that goes beyond traditional wood shutters, have a look at our Masterpiece shutters.  These shutters can create a beautiful sense of drama and flair in any room, while also providing excellent light control.  Featuring your personally selected art, you’ll enjoy shutters that truly match your sense of style.  With a patented flat louver design, you’ll enjoy our signature beauty whether the shutters are open or closed.

While the beauty these shutters is anything but simple, the process itself is quite easy.  Start by choosing the “framing” color of the blinds.  Just as you would choose a mat when framing a photograph, this step helps frame the image you’ve selected.  You can select a high resolution photograph or graphic design to print on our high quality materials.  The shutters will be crafted using precision millwork to ensure that the end result is a seamless image to enhance your space.


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