Control Light in the Nursery with Custom Window Shutters

The nursery is probably the most important room in your home, yet if often gets overlooked when window covers are being considered. If you are going to put custom window shutters in any room to control light, you should start with this room!

Why Add Custom Window Shutters to the Nursery?

As the sun makes its way from one window to the next throughout the day, there comes a point when the nursery gets blasted with sun and heat. You can put your baby down for a nap, and then 20 minutes later, the room is uncomfortable. Our Cellular Shades will help keep the light controlled and the temperature comfortable. Not to mention, they offer peace-of-mind knowing that no one can see in the window of this room.

These shades have honeycomb cells that are soft to the touch, block light and look exquisite. We offer them in an array or colors, in either Spinlace or Point-Bond fabrics.

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