Leave a Lasting Impression with Engraved Window Shades

Quite often it is the unexpected and most subtle detail in a room that leaves the biggest impression on others. Engraved Masterpiece window shades offer a sophisticated style to any space that will leave guests envious and talking for a while. They are also ideal for the boardroom, office, patient rooms, restaurants, cafes and small boutiques.

How to Create Engraved Window Shades

One of the most unique features we offer here at Danmer is the ability to make your own engraved window shades to add a personal and exceptionally classy touch to any space. You even have the option of choosing any forest certified wood you want, and you can select the finish to ensure it complements the rest of your d├ęcor exquisitely.

Although we have standard designs available, you can create your own, as we can engrave nearly any pattern imaginable. If you are looking to add a unique focal point to any space, these custom shutters are perfect.

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