What Makes Our Shutter Window Treatments Different?

It is a common misconception that all shutter window treatments are made the same. Some believe that they all use pretty much the same material and working parts, but have different names and price tags. This could not be further from the truth. Quite honestly, some shutters on the market are nowhere near worth the money being charged for them.

Our Shutter Window Treatments are Superior

There is a long list of reasons why the shutter window treatments we sell here at Danmer are superior to others. When other manufacturers are using harmful materials, such as woodchips, formaldehyde and glue, we use solid flame-retardant polymer. Also, louver tension is guaranteed for life and we use premium tilt rod hardware, not hollow plastic clips that break like you find elsewhere.

Our shutters are made in the USA and can often be installed in as little as three days from the time measurements are taken. Custom color matching is available and they are water-based and nontoxic, guaranteed to not peel, chip, discolor or warp.


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