How to Choose the Right Window Coverings for Each Room in Your Home

The one element of design and decorating that stumps many homeowners is choosing window coverings. Window coverings have two very important functions in any given room; light control and privacy. There is a third function and that is to add style to a room. Even if your window looks out onto a spectacular view, having a completely bare window can tarnish the rest of your design scheme and look tacky.

Types of Window Coverings

There is a wide selection of window coverings available for homeowners including plantation shutters, blinds, roller shades, curtains, and more. The specific purpose for the window covering, the size of the window, the d├ęcor of a room, and other factors will help you decide what type of window covering to choose. If you are still unsure of what window coverings to go with for your home, you can schedule a free design consultation with Danmer Custom Shutters.

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