Synthetic Wooden Shutters

The Look of a Wooden Shutter That’s Environmentally Friendly

Do you like the look of a wooden shutter, but want to be more environmentally friendly? Choose synthetic Theramalite Shutters that have the look like a wooden shutter without any wood. Thermalite Shutters are made of completely recycled man made materials and do not require any trees to be cut down.

The Benefits of Thermalite Shutters

While Thermalite Shutters look and feel like a wooden shutter, these environmentally friendly shutters insulate two times better than wooden shutters. Great for kitchens and bathrooms, Thermalite Shutters are water resistant and flame retardant. Compared to other synthetic shutters available on the market, Thermalite Shutters are completed with a painted finish to keep them from yellowing over time.

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