Looking for a Wooden Shutter? Check Out Our Woven Wood Shades

Many people get it set in their head that they need a wooden shutter for a window to really pull the room together, but are not prepared for the options they have to choose from. You may think you want a plantation shutter, but you may want to take a good look at our woven wood shades, and you may very well change your mind.

Wooden Shutter vs. Woven Wood Shutter

As you are likely already well aware, a traditional wooden shutter has individual pieces all fitted horizontally on some type of system that is open and closed to welcome or eliminate the light. These of course, are beautiful options that complement nearly any room.

If you are looking for something a little different though, our woven wood shades may be perfect. They are created from a combination of grass, bamboo and jute materials in an array of styles. We also offer a huge selection of shade colors, such as Bamboo Reeds Wheat, Calypso Spring, Monsoon Sand and Sunflower Gold, so there is sure to be a shade to complement your space beautifully.

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