The Difference between Poor Quality and High Quality Wooden Shutters

One of the biggest things that set wooden shutters from one manufacturer apart from another is the quality of the construction. You will want to choose a wooden shutters manufacturer who only selects the highest quality wood and parts to custom build shutters for your home. Shutters should only be made of the highest quality hardwood. High quality hardwood proves to be more durable and tends to have low resin content so resin will not bleed through the finish or stain.

When purchasing shutters you will also want to learn the quality of the tension system. What materials are used to open and close your wooden shutters? Check the dowels, staples, and stiles. When low quality moving parts are used, your shutters will have a shorter life.

Many shutter manufacturers offer warranties to put weight behind their claims of high quality wooden shutters. Check these warranties out beforehand to find the window treatments that will work best for you.

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