Roller, Cellular and Woven Shade Options

Window shades are commonly chosen for rooms where privacy is a key factor.  You can choose shades in a variety of materials depending on the type of light control you want and the décor of the room where they will be used.  At Danmer, our window shades are available in both fabric and wood, and in varying degrees of light filtering, so it’s easy to find the right choice for your needs.  Our shades are a popular choice for bedrooms, bathrooms and studies.

Types of Shades

Roller window shades living room

Roller Shades

Choose Danmer's Roller Shades to make any room in your home a more comfortable environment. These solar shades use fabrics that diffuse light, reduce glare, and help control interior temperatures. Blackout shades help reduce the fading of all your interior furnishings and provide an energy efficient solution for lowering the amount of solar heat gain in your home.

cellular shades – honeycomb design

Cellular (Honeycomb) Shades

Danmer's Cellular Shades liven up any room with a soft warm glow. Cellular Shades also provide privacy with a large variety of light-filtering fabrics. Cellular window shades can even block light and provide additional insulation with room darkening fabrics.

Natural Woven Shades

Danmer's Natural woven wood shades are practical, affordable and elegant. The fabrics used in our roman window shades are made from a colorful array of natural and man-made fibers that add beauty and texture to any room's décor.