Benefits of Fire Retardant Window Treatments

Fire retardant window treatments are the responsible choice for homeowners and make a big difference when it comes to protecting your home and your family. Fire Retardant Shutters in the Living Room

What are Fire Retardant Window Treatments?

Unlike most window treatments that are made out of regular fabric or wood, fire retardant window treatments are made from a non-toxic material that reacts and converts the gases and tars to carbon char, which drastically slows the burning rate of the material. This means that instead of catching fire quickly and allowing the fire to grow, the window treatments will smolder. This will dramatically reduce the speed at which a fire spreads, giving the homeowner more time to either put out the fire or get to safety. It also gives the fire department more time to respond.

Fire Retardant Thermalite™ Shutters

Thermalite™ shutters are high-quality, solid, non-toxic, synthetic shutters that are also specially designed to be fire retardant. In fact, they are the only shutters to be Fire Rated as fire retardant by the State of California Fire Marshall (Registration No. F-49501). These fire retardant shutters can have a large impact on how quickly a fire may spread in your home. Consider installing fire retardant Thermalite Shutters in the kitchen for example, where grease fires are common, or in a family room that has a fireplace.

Benefits of Installing Fire Retardant Window Treatments

Protect Property and Family

Choosing fire safe window treatments, such as Thermalite Shutters, can protect your home and your family. Many areas in the country are known for frequent wildfires. Whether you live in a rural area, woodland environment, or near a mountainside; if your home is near an area that is at a high risk for wildfires then you should absolutely invest in fire retardant window treatments. Even if you don’t live in such an area, house fires are more common than you think and window treatments are often an easy vehicle to help the fire spread quickly.

Increase Home Value

Fire retardant window treatments not only protect the home, they may also increase the value of the home, especially in areas known for wildfires. High-quality, fire retardant window treatments can be a big selling point, making a home look better to potential buyers compared to homes without fire retardant window treatments.

Protect your family and your home with fire retardant window treatments from Danmer.  Contact us today for a free, no-obligation design consultation where you can learn about Danmer’s fire retardant Thermalite Shutters.

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