Benefits of Water Resistant Window Treatments

Water Resistant Window Treatments

What are Water Resistant Window Treatments?

Water resistant window treatments are made from a material, or covered with a material that resists water. This means that humidity, moisture, and water will not absorb into the window treatment, potentially causing warping and mildew. Water resistant window treatments should always be installed in areas that frequently experience high-humidity such as bathrooms and even in the kitchen. Installing water resistant window treatments throughout the home is a smart idea.

Benefits of Water Resistant Thermalite™ Shutters

Danmer’s Thermalite Shutters are made from a high-quality polymer that is water resistant, making it the perfect choice for any room of the home. Consider the many benefits of installing Thermalite Shutters that are water resistant.

Won't Warp or Mildew

Water resistant window treatments will not crack, warp or mildew after repeated exposure to high-moisture situations. Regular window treatments installed in a bathroom or kitchen will quickly start to mildew. Not only is mildew difficult to clean; it can also be hazardous to your health. Non-water resistant window treatments will also crack and warp over time.

This happens because the material is absorbing the moisture and then drying over and over and over. Thermalite Shutters are not only water resistant, they also have a lifetime warranty against warping, peeling and cracking so you can confidently install them in any room of your home.

Increase Home Value

Installing water resistant window treatments in key areas of the home can make a difference. Non-water resistant window treatments are more likely to look slightly warped or ragged, which will not help when you're showing the home to potential buyers. Installing high-quality features in the home, such as water resistant window treatments will improve a home's ability to garner top dollar. Also, if you install Thermalite Shutters from Danmer you can entice new buyers with the fact that the industry-leading, comprehensive warranty on the shutters is fully transferrable.

Save Homeowners Money

Homeowners who choose to install non-water resistant window treatments in the bathroom, laundry room, or kitchen will likely spend a lot of time and money cleaning the mildew off of them on a regular basis. And over time they will start to look warn from all of the water absorption and cleaning so they’ll have to be tossed out and replaced. Just think about how much money can be spent on cleaners and ultimately on new window coverings every few years. Save money by installing long-lasting, durable, water resistant Thermalite Shutters that will look great for years and years to come; even in steamy bathrooms and busy laundry rooms.

Invest in your home today. Contact us to find out more about water resistant Thermalite Shutters and our other high-quality products.

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