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The Right Window Treatment for Your Bay Window: Shutters

March 10, 2013

The bay windows in your new home may have been what sold you on a particular house. The advantages of having bay windows in a room is making the room appear larger, affording several views to the outside, allowing more daylight into a room, and even acting as a counter or seat. While you enjoy the additional light and views to the outside, there may be occasions where you will require window treatments for light control and privacy. The particular configuration of bay windows often requires homeowners to look into having window treatments custom made. Bay window shutters are the perfect window treatment as they allow you to block out sunlight when you desire. You can have bay window shutters custom designed from both high quality hardwood and eco-friendly synthetic material to match the design scheme of your home.

Custom Shutters

Window Treatments for a Bay Window: Shutters

February 8, 2013

Bay windows, most often associated with Victorian architecture, are often a beautiful focal point of many homes. Bay windows offer views of the outside different from ordinary window, make a room appear larger, and allow for more light to enter a room. Many homeowners who have bay windows struggle to find window treatments that show off the beauty of a bay window, rather than simply covering it up.

Custom Made Bay Window Shutters

Bay window shutters are the perfect solution for window treatments that allow you to enjoy the benefits and beauty of a bay window, but still have the option of privacy, controlling the light, and providing additional insulation. Custom made bay window shutters are the best option as they are built to fit your windows snugly.

Danmer Custom Shutters can custom build wood and synthetic shutters for bay windows, regular windows, and oddly shaped windows. Learn more about custom bay window shutters from Danmer Custom Shutters.


Why a Professional Should Measure for Your Bay Window Shutters

October 5, 2012

If you are considering having bay window shutters custom made, it is extremely recommended to have a professional take the measurements for you. It is also important that you never buy prefabricated blinds that you can buy in any home store. They never fit properly, and they look horrible in bay windows.

Bay windows are typically made up of three or four sections and naturally become a focal point in the home. Placing poorly fitting shutters on them will get noticed by everyone who walks through the door and will certainly distract from your beautiful décor.

Measuring for Bay Window Shutters is Tricky

You may think that you can handle measuring for your bay window shutters, but the process is a lot more complicated than you are likely anticipating.

You need to know the depth of the frame you are working with to even get started measuring, because the wrong depth won’t allow your louvers to open and close, but the wrong measurement won’t let the frame sit at the right angle.

Do your windows have hand cranks? If so, this will dictate the need for a deeper frame. You will need to know what type of windows you have, how much wall space there is and be aware of any frames around the windows that will affect measurements.

As you can see, this is a very complicated process. Fortunately for you, Danmer will take care of taking all your measurements — for free.


Schedule a Design Consultant for Your Bay Window Shutters

June 13, 2012
Bay Window Interior Shutters Thermalite

Bay Window Interior Shutters Thermalite

Without a doubt, bay window shutters are some of the trickiest window coverings to shop for. The right ones will have the same effect on your home that a diamond pendant has on your neck, but the wrong ones will be like wearing sneakers with a wedding dress. Every space is unique and therefore should be treated this way.

Our Professionals Can Help You Choose Bay Window Shutters for Your Space

Are you going back and forth, and just can’t decide which bay window shutters will look best in your home? Do you love one particular style, but have a feeling they won’t complement the space? Our professionals can help! Here at Danmer, we offer an in-home design consultation to clients in California and Nevada. The best thing about this consultation is that it is absolutely free. Simply fill in the request form on our site, and we will set up an appointment for one of our specialists to help you out.


Custom Bay Window Shutters Add Beauty and Comfort

May 29, 2012

Deciding on the window treatments for a bay window can be difficult, particularly when there are other windows in the same room. What works for traditional windows isn’t always a good fit for a bay window. That’s one reason our custom bay window shutters are such a good idea for any room of your home where you want to add continuity. We can make matching shutters for every window and door of the room or the entire home.

Bay Window Shutters add Extra Insulation and Light Control

No matter what room of the house your bay window is in, you want the option to control how much light, heat, and cooled air pass through. Not only do our custom made bay window shutters add to the style of your home, they can also have a dramatic impact on the temperature and lighting so that you have more options for controlling your personal comfort. With so many choices in custom designed shutters, we can provide you with the style that suits your home and your personal taste. Contact us for more information.

Custom Shutters

Have Your Bay Window Shutters Professionally Installed

May 14, 2012

When it comes to installing window coverings like plantation shutters into bay windows it is necessary to call in a professional. A window covering like shutters should always be measured and fitted to your specific window size and shape for the most polished look. Bay window shutters require professional installation as the process can be quite difficult. As a focal point of your room or home, you don’t want your shutters to detract from the architectural beauty of your bay windows.

If having custom bay window shutters sounds out of your price range, schedule a free in home design consultation with a Danmer Custom Shutters representative today. Danmer’s design consultants can help you find the shutters that work best for your home as well as your budget. Whether you’re looking for traditional, wooden plantation shutters or environmentally friendly synthetic shutters, Danmer can build and install your dream window treatments.

Custom Shutters

Custom Bay Window Shutters for Your Home

April 10, 2012

For continuity, all the windows and doors in a room should have the same window treatment. This can be difficult to do with prefabricated, store bought window treatments if you have French doors, bay windows, or oddly shaped windows. The best solution is to have window treatments custom made for the windows and doors in your home. Shutters can easily be custom manufactured and designed to fit all the windows and doors in your home. Shutters are available in both wood and synthetic variety to fit into your lifestyle.

Find Bay Window Shutters and More at Danmer Custom Shutters

Danmer Custom Shutters designs and manufactures bay window shutters, arch window shutters, French door shutters, sliding glass door shutters, and shutters for nearly any type of window imaginable. Every window treatment from Danmer Custom Shutters is made in the US from top quality materials like furniture grade basswood and

Custom Shutters

How to Properly Dress a Bay Window: Shutters

February 29, 2012

The beauty of your home was enhanced with the addition of bay windows. Bay windows are window combinations that project outward from your home. On the inside of a room, a bay window adds beauty by allowing in more sunlight and giving a wider view of the outside of your home. Unfortunately, many home owners are unaware of what type of window treatments look best on bay windows. The best window treatments for bay windows compliment their beauty without detracting from it while also adding functionality. Custom bay window shutters allow you to enjoy additional light and a wider view, while giving you the option of privacy and light control. Bay window shutters can also be used to lower your overall heating and cooling costs, as they help insulate your home.

Where Can I Find Custom Bay Window Shutters?

Shop for custom bay window shutters from Danmer Custom Shutters for quality window treatments, excellent customer service, and reliable delivery times.

Custom Shutters

Finding the Right Window Covering for a Bay Window – Shutters

January 16, 2012

Bay windows can be a beautiful focal point in a home. They let more light in compared to traditional windows and provide a wider view of the outside. While bay windows are beautiful you may wish to have the option to cover them at times for privacy, light control, and to improve the insulation in a room. While curtains can provide privacy and light control, they are difficult to fit over bay windows and can compromise some of your view.

Bay Window Shutters are Functional

Bay window shutters can improve insulation and still allow you access to your view of the outside. Shutters are available in a wide variety of paints and stains to complement the style of your home. Have bay window shutters custom made for your windows for the most professional look.

Custom Shutters

Custom Bay Window Shutters

September 30, 2011

Homeowners with bay windows sometimes struggle to find window treatments that not only look right but fit right into the window frames of their bay windows. You can only leave your windows bare or covered with a sheet for so long without compromising on your privacy and even the insulation of your home.

Custom bay window shutters are made specifically for the bay windows in your home. This means your shutters will not be left gaping or overlapping with the window frame. The installation of wooden shutters and synthetic Thermalite Shutters has been proven to help with the insulation of your home.

Why wait to get bay window shutters? With Danmer Custom Shutters, you can have bay window shutters and shutters for any other window in your home, no matter how oddly shaped, in no time. From measurement to installation can take as little as three days.

To learn more about bay window shutters from Danmer Custom Shutters, visit their website at https://www.danmer.com/shutters/custom-shutters.asp.


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