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Home Shutters

Buying Custom Home Shutters for Your Windows and Doors

May 1, 2013

To find the right plantation shutters for your windows and doors, it is important to find a reliable company. Finding a company that can design, manufacture, and install the highest quality home shutters as well as provide you with superior customer service can greatly improve your shutter buying experience. It’s also important to find a shutter company who backs the quality of their products with warranties.

The Right Company for Your Home Shutters

Danmer Custom Shutters has over 30 years designing, manufacturing, and installing custom built home shutters. All of Danmer’s home shutters are backed by the most comprehensive warranties available in the industry. Choosing Danmer as your shutter manufacturer and installer guarantees your shutters will be precision built for your windows and doors with the quickest turnaround time available in California and Nevada.

Home Shutters

Increase Security with Home Shutters

December 4, 2012

Although curtains, drapes and sheers are lovely to look at, they do not always give you the privacy that you need to keep your family secure. At night, when a light is on in a home, it allows strangers to see in from pretty far distances. If you have home shutters that fit properly, it eliminates this invasion of privacy. This is extremely important for single females and families with children of any age. Not to mention, if an intruder tries to come in through a window in the middle of the night, there is an increased chance that you will hear them if you have blinds.

You Can Still Hang Curtains with Home Shutters

Some people assume that if you have home shutters then you can’t decorate with curtains, but this is not true. Although the shutters we have here at Danmer are certainly stylish enough to standalone, there is no reason you can’t hang curtains, sheers, a valance or anything else in front of them. There are plenty of rods that offer the depth that is needed to hang these fabric pieces in front so the shutters are still easy to operate behind them.


What to Look for In a Company Selling Home Shutters

September 12, 2012

Choosing who to shop with, for your home shutters, is a huge decision. There are a lot of companies out there, but while the products may look similar on their sites, they very well may be quite different.

Well, if you are trying to pick a company, but can’t really tell the difference, when comparing products of one to the next, you should look at how long the company has been established, as well as the reputation they have. This will give you a good idea as to whether they are known for their quality products and customer service, or if people in your community have complained of a bad experience.

Why Danmer is the Recommended Place to Buy Home Shutters

There is a good chance that, if you tell a few different people that you are shopping for home shutters, they will point you in our direction. Since being founded in 1976, we have grown to be California’s largest shutter manufacturer.

Just to give you an idea of how many people trust us, we service more than 500 customers on a monthly basis. We are a company that has been around a long time, and we are certainly not going anywhere. We will be here to address concerns and provide products for your family, friends and future generations for a long time.

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Home Shutters

Information on Home Shutters

May 3, 2012

Home shutters have a surprisingly long history dating back to ancient Greece. Shutters have played a similar role as long as they have existed, namely to provide light control, privacy, and ventilation. Today shutters still function this way with the additional benefit of providing insulation for your home. The added insulation power of shutters can lower your heating and cooling costs, even more so if you choose a high quality synthetic shutter.

Why Are Home Shutters Popular?

Home shutters, in particular plantation shutters, are a popular window treatment choice among homeowners as they add function and style to a room. While shutters are no longer the sole barrier between bugs, animals, rain, and thieves and your home, they still play a crucial role in adding privacy and blocking sunlight. There are a wide range of shutter styles available to fit the décor of your home, as well as your budget.

Home Shutters

Home Improvement Tips for Those Pressed for Time and On a Budget: Home Shutters

March 20, 2012

Home improvement commercials, do-it-yourself blogs and television shows make redecorating the interior of your home seem like a quick and easy project. Unfortunately, you may be pressed for time and can’t completely dedicate yourself to a complete home makeover. When you factor in your budget, it may be time to go back to the drawing board and to see what you can realistically do to improve the look of your home.

Rather than DIY or try to squeeze multiple projects from a small budget, choose one project to impact the entire feeling of a room or even your whole home. Installing custom window treatments in a room or your home, such as wooden home shutters, is a great way to update your décor within your budget and without having to dedicate months of your life. Home shutters are available in a variety of wood stains and colors to complement your existing décor.

Home Shutters

Add a Unique Touch to Your Decorating Scheme with Home Shutters

March 1, 2012

To truly transform your house into a home, you can’t settle on a cookie-cutter design scheme. A home requires a personal touch. If you don’t have the knack for decorating, there’s no need to call in an interior decorator. Find inspiration at home furnishing stores and in decorating magazines, then add unique details to make your home reflect your style. Custom pieces of art, furniture, or even whimsical decorations all can be a fun way to showcase your personality in your home.

Looking for a custom piece to add to your home that also adds function? Home shutters can be custom made to suit your décor and are the perfect finishing touch in any room. Home shutters let you have privacy, light control, and even lower your heating and cooling costs with their insulating properties. Shutters can be an affordable way to add a custom piece to your home even if you aren’t a design expert.

Home Shutters

Add Value and Improve the Look of Your House with Home Shutters

February 15, 2012

Whether you’re looking to add value to your property to sell it quicker, or you want to simply improve and update the look of an older home, you don’t have to spend a fortune. Small changes can be inexpensive while still being impactful. Brighten a room with a fresh coat of paint, rearrange your furniture, swap out artwork, and move rugs from one room to another.

A great investment you can make to both add value and enhance the look of your home is to update your window treatments to home shutters. Home shutters can instantly brighten a room whether you go with crisp white, a natural wood stain, or even a pop of color. Shutters also add value by making your home more environmentally friendly by improving your home’s insulation.

Danmer Custom Shutters works with you to find the right home shutters for your décor and your budget.

Home Shutters

Get Design Help When Shopping for Home Shutters

November 29, 2011

In order to give the rooms of your home a designer look, you may feel that you need to hire a professional designer. A designer will be able to coordinate your furniture, flooring, wall treatments, window coverings and accessories in a short amount of time. If you have already taken care of the majority of the design for the rooms in your home, you may only need the help of a designer for one element, such as the window treatments.

You can save money when choosing designer window treatments, like home shutters, by choosing a company like Danmer Custom Shutters. Danmer offers a free in-home design consultation to help you find the right home shutters or other window treatment to tie a design together.

Danmer’s home shutters are all made specifically to fit your décor, windows, and doors, no matter their unique shape or size.

Home Shutters

Home Shutters More Than Window Treatments

September 5, 2011

How Shutters Can Improve Your Home

Home shutters can be a lot more than simple window treatments. Shutters are stylish and functional as they can help insulate your home and keep sunlight from overheating your home during the summer months. Plantation shutters are a worthwhile investment for your home as they can blend with many different styles of home décor and last a lifetime versus other types of window treatments that quickly go out of style and fall into disrepair.

Danmer Custom Shutters has a variety of home shutters from custom wood shutters, environmentally conscious Thermalite shutters, and custom shutters to match your décor with photographs or engravings. Danmer Custom Shutters are quality shutters made in the U.S.A. and staffed with highly, trained professionals that do the job right the first time. If you are interested in more about how home shutters can add style and value to your home, visit Danmer Custom Shutters.


Danmer takes the headache out of choosing home hutters

July 27, 2011

While choosing home shutters is a fun, exciting experience, it also brings with it many challenges.  Perhaps one of the most common challenges is getting accurate measurements and planning the installation.  At Danmer, we take the headache out of the process by bringing the showroom to your home.  We’ll help you design, budget, and plan, and we’ll even make an appointment during our visit for a specialist to come out and develop a blueprint for the project.

What sets us apart from many companies is that everyone, from your initial consultation to your blueprint appointment to the installation is a Danmer employee, and not a contractor. Our team is made up of factory-trained design specialists, giving you the benefit of experience, knowledge and expertise, right in your home.  You’ll also enjoy one of the most comprehensive warranties in the industry, giving you the peace of mind that every aspect of your shutters, from selection to installation to day-to-day usage, will be a breeze.


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