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Plantation Shutters

Have a Boring Window? Shutters Plantation are the Answer

August 14, 2012

If you have a boring window, shutters plantation are exactly what you need to dress it up, offer privacy and control light. Sometimes, a room has a window that is just in an awkward place. Perhaps it is too high or low to even think about hanging curtains, or maybe it faces your neighbor’s bedroom, so you want to make sure no one can see in your room. Plantation shutters are perfect.

Can’t Find Anything to Cover that Awkward Window? Shutters Plantation Will

If you have shopped for blinds in the store you have likely found that they come in very specific sizes, so what are you supposed to do when these measurements don’t work for you? Do you “make” them work? If you have an awkward size window, shutters plantation are ideal.

Here at Danmer, we can custom make just about anything for you. Plus, we offer a free consultation, so you know that you will get the perfect fit. Schedule an appointment today and one of our design consultants will help give your space that polished look it may be missing.

Plantation Shutters

Popular Styles for Shutters: Plantation Style Shutters

February 3, 2012

Many homeowners are interested in installing the most popular style of shutters. Plantation shutters are a popular shutter style for their functionality as well as for the elegance they can add to any room. The louvers on plantation shutters are easily opened when you want light and visibility, and just as easily closed when you need privacy and dark. Shutters are also a favorable choice for many homeowners as they can swing open to allow maximum access to a window to allow for fresh air and easy cleanings.

Where to Shop for Shutters

When it comes to finding top-notch quality as well as a wide variety of color options, choose Danmer Custom Shutters. The plantation shutters designed and built by Danmer are known for their longevity as well as their beauty. All Danmer products are locally designed and manufactured to support the local economy.

Plantation Shutters

Environmental Shutters: Plantation Shutters without Wood

August 30, 2011

Thermalite Shutters: Plantation Shutters for the Environment

Wood shutters are considered to be the best available shutters.  Plantation shutters are the most elegant of all of the wood shutters, but many people want to protect the environment and do not want to harm the planet.  Danmer offers you a solution; you can purchase Thermalite plantation shutters instead of wooden shutters.  For more information on this great synthetic product, visit https://www.danmer.com/shutters/plantation-shutters.asp.

If you want to have the most beautiful home possible, then you may want to consider using Thermalite instead of wooden shutters.  Plantation shutters are traditionally made from wood, but at Danmer Custom Shutters, they have developed a synthetic solution.  Thermalite shutters are guaranteed to last your entire life and the warranty is transferable to the new owner, if you ever decide to sell your home.  To find out more, visit them on the internet at https://www.danmer.com/shutters/plantation-shutters.asp.

Plantation Shutters

Saving Money with Shutters; Plantation style vs. regular

August 8, 2011

Saving Money with Shutters; Plantation style vs. regular
If you are looking at installing new shutters, plantation style shutters offer you some unique advantages over other models.  These shutters can provide up to a 65 percent reduction in light, letting you protect your home from high cooling bills during the summer.  They can also help protect the home from window drafts during the winter months, giving you lower heating bills and saving you money every month.

Space Saving Shutters, Plantation Style
Most shutters protrude into the room and cause you to lose space around the window areas.  If you want to preserve the most room with your shutters, plantation style offers you a flat surface so there is no extra space lost on the walls.  They also fit inside the window or doorframe, so you do not need the extra space around the frame to accommodate the shutter when it is fully extended.


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