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Looking for a Unique Window Blind? Check out Luminette by Hunter Douglas

November 26, 2012

Are you looking for a window blind, but feel as though everything pretty much looks the same? You don’t want something that someone in your family or circle of friends has, and you certainly don’t want to match your neighbor, right? Well, if you want blinds that are unique yet elegant, you may want to check out the Luminette design we have here at Danmer.

More than Your Traditional Vertical Window Blind

You may be thinking that someone that you know already has a vertical window blind, so this is not something you would even consider. However, Luminettes are different! They are unlike anything most people have seen.

Luminettes feature gorgeous fabric facings that are translucent, thereby offering a glow with the light. They also have vanes that rotate for more privacy and light control. Here at Danmer, we carry these in more than 80 color and material combinations, so there is sure to be one that will complement your space beautifully.



Window Blinds – Which White is Right?

October 10, 2012

Are you sitting and looking at a multitude of window blinds that are all labeled a different color, but all look white do you? You are definitely not alone! Choosing the right blinds is an important decision, but it is made quite complicated because there are so many options. This is especially true if you know you want something white, or a little off-white, but then you are faced with a ton of options like Cloud Nine, Sandstone, Sand Castle, Patagonian Glacier and Snow. Is there really a difference?

Choose the Right Shade for Your Window Blinds

Although most people look at a few swatches and do not see the difference between colors, a professional can definitely tell. Believe it or not, a very small shade variation can make a dramatic difference in a room. Rather than simply choose a hue so you can get the shade made, why not have a design expert help you?

Here at Danmer, we provide a free consultation, because we want you to be truly happy with your blinds. Rather than stare at blind swatches and guess which white shade will look best, let one of our experts come analyze your space and help you make the right decision. They will take measurements for you while they are there, too, so you can get the perfect fit.


Why Our Thermalite Window Blinds Are so Popular

July 31, 2012

If you live in California, there is a good chance that you have heard about Thermalite window blinds. They are quickly becoming a preferred choice in homes and businesses alike. Although they have been around since the 1980s, the growing concern for the environment and deforestation has prompted consumers to make more eco-friendly buying decisions.

These Window Blinds Are Perfect for Any Space

It is pretty much impossible to think of an environment where our Thermalite window blinds wouldn’t look just sensational while offering great benefits.

They are made from recycled material, which makes them very attractive to most consumers today, and they insulate better than wood while also providing superior light control! Our Thermalite shutters are fire-retardant, nontoxic and water-resistant, and they even feature an antistatic quality to repel dirt.

These are blinds that will continue to look their best for a very long time because they are guaranteed not to crack, peel or warp, and since they have a painted finish, they won’t turn yellow either. We are so sure of the quality of our products that they come with a generous warrant that is transferable to the next homeowner, should you sell in the future, thereby increasing the value of your home.


Upgrade Your Window Treatments to Window Blinds

December 23, 2011

For your next home improvement project, have window blinds installed. Window blinds are a simple, elegant alternative to shutters. Complement a wide range of home décor with a variety of wooden blinds or opt for classic horizontal white blinds. When you install high quality basswood or faux wood window blinds, you are installing a long lasting window treatment. High quality blinds are typically made of basswood or top notch synthetic materials. The strength of the headrail also can extend the longevity of your window blinds.

To find the window blinds that complement your home décor and work for your budget turn to Danmer Custom Shutters. Danmer has a wide selection of basswood and faux wood blinds to choose from. All of Danmer’s products are made from high quality materials and held to high standards to provide each customer with long lasting window treatments.


Easily Update Your Décor with Window Blinds

November 7, 2011

When you are looking to make a dramatic change in the rooms in your house without having to completely redecorate, changing up and updating your window treatments is a great option. Window blinds come in a wide variety of colors to match or liven up your existing room décor. Window blinds allow you to control the light in a room during the day as well as offer privacy for your home.

Basswood and Fauxwood Window Blinds from Danmer Custom Shutters

The best place to shop for window blinds for your home is Danmer Custom Shutters for a wide range of options including Basswood and Fauxwood blinds. When you buy window blinds from Danmer, you not only get a great selection of materials and colors, but you also know that you are getting quality blinds.


Window Blinds to Transform a Room

September 7, 2011

Blinds as an Elegant Window Treatment

Without window treatments of any sort, your room will look unfinished and give neighbors full view of the on goings of your life. Curtains may seem a quick and easy fix, but quickly can go out of style, fade, and do not offer options on how much light you want to let into your home. Window blinds can offer you privacy, beauty, and control of how much sunlight you let into your home.  Rather than purchasing cheap metal or plastic blinds that leave much to be desired, wood and faux wood blinds are a great choice to transform a room’s décor.

Danmer’s Custom Shutters offers wood and faux wood blinds in a variety of colors and textures, along with guaranteed quality and workmanship. Carefully made with superior materials, window blinds from Danmer Custom Shutters are long term investment. For further information on window blinds and other window treatments, please visit https://www.danmer.com/windowcoverings/blinds.asp.


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