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Window Treatments

Window Shades Are Practical and Affordable

April 18, 2013

When shopping for a window treatment that is both practical and affordable, many homeowners feel they are limited to a small selection. Window shades are an elegant, yet reasonably priced window treatment that are available in a wide selection of styles and color choices. Window shades can be made with several natural materials including bamboo, grass, and jute. You can select from a number of styles including standard Roman shades, waterfall Roman shades, arch top shades, ring drapery panels and more to suit your personal style as well as your home décor.

Window Shades with Automatic Controls

Do prefer to add ease to control your window shades? Have a fully integrated system installed with your shades to control them in groups or individual. Choose from the use of a remote control, watch switches, 24 hour timer, sun sensor and others.

Window Treatments

Sun Control Roller Window Shades for Your Enclosed Porch

August 15, 2012

If you have an enclosed porch or sunroom, it is likely one of your favorite spaces in the house. It gets you close to being outside, but without having to deal with the bees, mosquitoes and other pests. Not to mention, you can enjoy it even when it is raining, snowing or super windy out.


The problem is that there are times during the day that the room likely gets unbearably hot from the sun beating in. Not only is this uncomfortable, it fades your furniture. Sun control roller window shades can help protect your furniture while also making the room more comfortable.

Why Our Sun Control Roller Window Shades are so Special

The sun control roller window shades we have here at Danmer are perfect for any room in your home, including the sunroom. Special fabric is used to reduce glare, diffuse light and help to control interior temperatures. Not to mention, since they block out UV rays, they help to keep your furniture looking new longer.

We only use the highest quality fabrics paired up with your choice of a motorized or chain operated clutch control. Schedule a free consultation today and allow one of our experts to help you choose which fabric is right for your needs and space.

Window Treatments

Impress Your In-laws with Masterpiece Window Shades

August 8, 2012

If you are like many others, you probably try and try, but never seem to be able to do anything to impress your in-laws. Sure, maybe they are polite to you,  and they might even like you, but you can’t shake that feeling that they look down on you a little, right? If this sounds like you, one sure way of forcing them to look at you in a different light is by having Masterpiece window shades made.

What are Masterpiece Window Shades?

You can add the most exquisite art pieces to your home and not make an impression at all. If you really want to stop guests in their tracks, you will want to make an appointment for free consultation for Masterpiece window shades.

These unique shades open like any other shades do, but when they are closed, all you see is a picture on them. You can have any picture transposed to them, or you can always have  a picture engraved as well. This element of surprise very well may cause them to look at you just a little differently.

Window Treatments

Types of Window Shades

May 7, 2012

There are several types of window shades available to improve the interior environment of your home while also adding aesthetic value. Solar control roller shades can manage sunlight and conserve energy in your home. Roller shades can be made using a variety of different fabrics for different purposes. Some fabrics simply filter sunlight, while blackout fabrics can block sunlight completely.

Natural woven wood shades are made using natural and man-made fibers to add texture and elegance to a room. Woven wood shades come in a number of styles including roman style shades, folding door shades, angled top shades, arch top shades, and much more.

Cellular shades use unique honeycomb cells and light-filtering fabrics to add insulation a room while also protecting your furnishings from fading. Cellular shades are a great option for rooms where you desire natural lighting and privacy.

Window Treatments

Custom Window Shades to Fit Your Budget

March 27, 2012

Sun control roller shades enhance the look of your window while also managing sunlight to control energy and comfort. Roller shades can be made from a variety of fabrics that can diffuse light, reduce glare, and control the temperature of a room. Those looking to lower their energy costs can have custom window shades made from blackout fabrics.

Woven Wood Shades

Custom woven wood shades are affordable window shades that can add color, texture, and a natural element to a room. There are several styles of woven wood shades available including waterfall shades, twin shades, two-on-one woven shades, angled top woven shades, folding door woven shades and more.

Cellular Shades

To add a splash of color to your room, choose cellular window shades. Cellular shades are available in a number of colors and fabrics, including room darkening fabrics, perfect for bedrooms.

Window Treatments

What You Need to Know About Window Shades

February 8, 2012

Window shades can be made using several different types of fabrics. For those looking to make their homes environmentally friendly, shades can be made using green fabric that is PVC-free and 100% recyclable. Shades are also available in Microban fabrics. These shades are equipped with antimicrobial protection to inhibit the growth of stain-causing bacteria, mold, and mildew. Homeowners interested in allowing sunlight into a room without letting heat in can opt for solar screen fabrics. Solar screen fabrics filter sunlight reducing heat absorption while also preventing heating and cold loss without blocking the outside view. For complete privacy or darkness for sleeping, choose window shades made from blackout fabrics.

Window shades can be controlled using several types of technology ranging from a simple chain operated clutch control to motorized operations.

Window Treatments

The Benefits of Installing Window Shades

November 23, 2011

Window shades can provide several different functions for your home or business. Window shades protect interior furnishings by diffusing the amount of sunlight that enters a room, so that your fabric and furniture doesn’t fade. Installing window shades can also help to keep a room from becoming too hot, by controlling temperature through the diffusion of sunlight. They are also similar to other window treatments by providing privacy for a room when necessary. Putting up window shades in a room with a television can greatly reduce the amount of glare you experience while watching in the day.

Where Can I Shop for Window Shades?

Find a wide selection of beautiful, practical, and efficient window shades by visiting Danmer Custom Shutters. Danmer features window shades that protect themselves against bacteria and mold, that block out sunlight entirely, as well as shades that allow for natural light without glare or aging your furniture.

Window Treatments

Window Shades for Home or Business

September 8, 2011

Window Shades: Functional and Stylish

If you are looking to replace your current window treatments or put in window treatments in a new home or business, you will be interested to know that window shades do a lot more than they used to. Window shades made with special fabrics can filter sunlight into your room, without blocking outside views while reducing glare and controlling room temperatures. By diffusing the sunlight that enters your home, window shades can protect interior furniture and fabrics from fading and appearing aged.

Danmer Custom Shutters features the latest in window shades with Roller Shades available in a variety of fabric with the ability to filter sunlight, black out sunlight, and even protect itself against bacteria and mold that can cause stains. If you are interested in window shades, please visit Danmer Custom Shutters.


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